Team League

TEAM LEAGUE: Wednesday Nights (Co-ed, Adult)

Looking for a challenge and are tired of the same old rec dodgeball that is played in other leagues in Ottawa? Join our competitive team league! We play in a smaller gym, with 6 x 7″ foam dodgeballs. Our rules are similar to the international style dodgeball rules. Bring your team over if you are looking for a new challenge!

Teams Team can consitst of 6-10 players, with at least 2 of each gender on the court at all times
Start Date September 26th to December 12th, 2018
Time Wednesday Nights, 6:30pm to 10:30pm (games are scheduled for a 1-hour time block each week between these times)
Location 1000 Brookfield Rd (not Brookfield HS)
Cost (taxes are included) $425.00 / Team
Registration Registration – CLOSED

Can’t Find a Team – Join the Suberheros

The Suberheros is a team that will be made up of individuals and people looking to try out the Dodgeball Ottawa style of play. You can join the Suberheros for the season or just for one game. Contact us if you want to join the Suberheros!

Make Payment

In order to complete your team’s registration, please complete your payment by sending a money transfer to

Communal Reffing System

In order to keep costs low for everyone, we use a communal reffing system. All teams are scheduled to ref certain games throughout the season. If your team is scheduled to ref a game, two players from your team must be present to ref. The schedule is posted in advance so that all teams and captains can plan accordingly.

Read more about your reffing responsibilities

If you are interested in trying Dodgeball Ottawa’s style of dodgeball, check out our drop-in on Thursday evenings.

We will have 3 teams playing for 2 hours (play 2 games, sit 1 game). We will be keeping track of wins/losses from each game. Teams will be made in advance and posted.