9 Chris W

can Canada
Top Speed (Dominant)
Current Team
Your Pussy Is Broken
Past Teams
Bangorang, Capital Punishment, CATFU, Controlled Chaos, Ness Squad, Oh my Woodness, Pizza Balls, Show Me What You Got, The F-Words, The Nyan Cats, The Thundercats
15F Competitive, 15F Drop-in, 15S Drop-in, 16F Competitive, 16F Team League, 16W Competitive S1, 16W Competitive S2, 16W Competitive S3, 17F Draft, 17F Team League, 17S Competitive, 17S Team League, 18S Draft, 19F Pairs Draft

Competitive League

SeasonTeamWinsTiesLossesScore TotalGames Played
15F CompetitiveOh my Woodness702149
16W Competitive S1Ness Squad30164

Career Total

SeasonWinsTiesLossesScore TotalGames Played
15F Competitive702149
15F Drop-in31579
15S Drop-in6271415
16W Competitive S130164