As some of you might know, Dodgeball Ottawa is a not-for-profit organization. As a not-for-profit, the members of Dodgeball Ottawa “ARE” Dodgeball Ottawa. This means that we work for the community and want to grow the community. Dodgeball Ottawa’s main mandate is to promote the interest of dodgeball as a sport and organize leagues and events for people to participant in the sport.

So what does this mean?

What this means is that we will now have an official Board of Directors and committees for members to join. Every player in registered in a DBO league currently is considered to have a Player Membership (Class A Membership). But you now have a chance to join in and help grow DBO by joining committees or the Board. To do this, you will need a Voting Membership (Class B Membership) which costs $25. Details about the memberships are located below.

Join as a Voting Member by May 27th and you can take part in our official Annual General Meeting (AGM) by voting in our Board of Directors.

Membership Types

Player Membership (Class A Member)

  • Anyone who has registered for a DBO league.
  • Non-voting member
  • Membership is valid for 1 year

Cost: Included in league registration fee

Voting Membership (Class B Member)

  • Have a vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Can apply to join committees or Board of Directors
  • 10% off Dodgeball Ottawa custom apparel
  • Have access to Board minutes, financials and bylaws, and have the opportunity to participate in discussion and engage with decision-makers
  • Membership is valid for 1 year

Cost: $25.00 (annual)

Sign up as a Voting Member

As a voting member of Dodgeball Ottawa, you are encouraged to participate in building the organization, through joining committees, sharing ideas, joining or voting for the Board of Directors, etc.

What to Join a Committee?

Here is a list of the committees that are available:

On-boarding Committee: The On-boarding Committee will focus on creating a welcome package for new players, helping them fit into DBO, increase new player retention, and create resources for player development.

Tournament Committee: The Tournament Committee will focus on planning, organizing and running tournaments under DBO. This committee will also strategize and implement special events.

Where the Fees Go?

Fees raised through Memberships will directly support the leagues and activities of Dodgeball Ottawa. Dodgeball Ottawa’s Board of Directors is a volunteer board and receive no remuneration beyond the repayment of Board-approved expenses.