Monday Switch-Up League

The Monday Switch-Up League is a new concept we are trying out for the summer. We have created teams using our auto-draft system. Those teams will play together for 2 weeks. Then we will take half the players from each team and move them to a different team. That will be the new teams for the next 2 weeks. We will continue to do this throughout the mini season until the last week. If you win, the players on the team will get points and those points will follow the players as they switch teams.

The last week will be playoffs, in which we take the players with highest score and make 2 teams. Winning team, wins the season. For the players on the bottom side of the scoreboard, we will do the same thing for the consolation prize round.


  1. We will be alternating every 2 weeks between DBO rules and WDBF Rules (starting with DBO rules)
  2. You are allowed to miss a maximum of 2 games and still accumulate points from your teams performance. If you miss 3 or more games, those games will not count towards your personal point spread.
  3. If you cannot make a game, you must message the administrator or post in the Facebook group.
    • You are permitted to find your own sub, as long as you find a sub that is similar to you. All subs need to be run by the administrator


Week 7 is playoffs! We will continue using the WDBF (World Dodgeball Federation) rules for this last week.

Download the full WDBF Rule Book – WDBF-Rules-Final
Download our summary guide – WDBF Rule Summary


Position Name Total Points
1 Martin L 12
2 Krystal F 10
3 Ben F 10
4 Minh D 10
5 Geoffrey B 8
6 Scott F 8
7 Elyssa M 8
8 William A 8
9 Aaron S 8
10 Ian Mac 8
11 Ryan V 6
12 Chris W 6
13 Devin S 6
14 Connor C 6
Cut Off
15 Jean-Francois G 6
16 Aaron Mac 6
17 Andre G 6
18 Adam C 6
19 Phil F 4
20 Kalon V 4
21 Ken S 4
22 Stephanie S 4
23 Michael Cav 4
24 Casey D 4
25 Marie W 4
26 Erin C 2
27 David A 2
28 Brittany D 2
29 Eric P 0