What Does Dodgeball Ottawa Mean to Me?

We are looking to hear from people in our community. Please share your story with us for our new series called, “What Does Dodgeball Ottawa Mean to Me”. We are looking to hear why you continue to participate in Dodgeball Ottawa and what the sport of Dodgeball has done for you.

Our series begins with a story from Alex Svetlovsky who shared the following:

“I started playing dodgeball with DBO during a particularly rough period of time in my life. Through a bit of a chance family/friends dinner out, Lynn and Spencer invited me to their drop-in on Wednesdays at the old Louisa gym. They talked about this game of dodgeball with real passion – they drew me in with their stories and obvious love of the game.

Still, I waited a few months before just randomly showing up one day. I fell in love instantly.

From that week onward, I made it a priority to come to drop-in on Wednesdays. Very soon after joining, I started to be invited to the social at the Arrow and Loon afterwards. These new friends were reaching out to someone they barely knew, including them in the group. The warmth and friendship kept me coming back, and back again.

Unbeknownst to those around me I was going through a very rough time. Relationship breakdowns, emotional stress. Having to count every dollar just to make ends meet. Nothing but uncertainty for the future.

No matter how broke I was, I made sure I had the money that week for the drop-in fee, a beer, and a half-price meal. Wednesday night became a refuge from the rest of my life, a place of warmth, comfort, and competition. It was a night I would not trade for anything.

In my time of need the DBO community was there for me, whether they knew it or not. They still are.

That is what I love about this community. DBO is more than a set of rules, balls, and a gym with people playing in it. It’s a shoulder I can lean on, a hand reaching out to pick me up when I’m down, and a constant friend.”

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