Mini Dodgeball Tournament – Rec and Competitive Divisions

Mini Dodgeball Tournament – Rec and Competitive Divisions

Since we have been having issues locking down the larger gyms, we have decided to schedule a mini dodgeball tournament. We are going to have 2 divisions, recreational intermediate and competitive. The day will start off with recreational intermediate followed by the competitive division.

Both divisions will use 7” gator skin balls (6 balls). This is a coed tournament, each team must have 2 from each gender in their team composition. We will be using the Dodgeball Ottawa rules using the international format (rush for balls).

Date: Sunday Feb 21st

Time: 9:00am-1pm (Recreational Intermediate) & 1:00pm-6:30pm (Competitive)

Location: 1000 Brookfield Rd

Cost: $150 / team

To Register: Send an email to Dodgeball Ottawa along with an etransfer for the total.

Recreational Intermediate:

Great introduction to tournaments for players who haven’t played them before!  The recreational intermediate division will start at 9am and finish by 1pm. This division only has 4 team slots, so register your team quick! Each team is guaranteed 5 x 20min games (all teams make playoffs). Winning Team Wins $200.00!

Team composition:

This tournament is designed for players who are not as experienced with tournament play and have less experience with the style. If you are more experienced, you should be looking at the competitive division. That being said, you are allowed to have 2 “competitive players” on your team.

What defines a competitive player?

Well for this tournament, a competitive player is defined as:

  • Someone who frequents competitive tournaments (both inside and outside of Ottawa)
  • Someone who has played in competitive divisions for a long period of time
  • Someone who has been drafted in the 1st or early 2nd round in the Dodgeball Ottawa drafts
  • Still not sure, send us a message and we will help clear that up for you 😉

 Competitive Division:

This division will have 6 team slots and will start immediately following the recreational division. Teams will be provided the schedule but should plan to start at 1pm. Each team is guaranteed 4 games and top 4 teams make playoffs. Winning team wins $350.00!

There are no restrictions for the team composition other than the gender rules.

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