2015 Summer Drop-in: Congratulations Devin!

Congratulations to the 2015 drop-in winner: Devin!

Drop-In Winner - Summer 2015

Drop-in (Jun-Aug 2015)

PlayerWinsTiesLossesScore TotalGames Played
Devin S13453022
Curtis T6561717
Spencer S5671618
Steph N6361515
Matt M6281416
Chris W6271415
Lynn K521128
Paul K32287
Aaron S22165
Jess G22367
Jon S22367
Matt E14166
JF G30467
Emilie T21154
Josée G12346
Mimi B20042
Connor C11032
Nicole W10122
Quang N02022
Leigh Ann P10122
Jeff N02022
Tony N01011
Lily (Carolane)01112
Caise C01112
Charlie G00000

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